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We currently have a permanent staff of 15 people under the leadership of our CEO, Léon Tossaint. In addition to the EFQM Management Team, the EFQM Board of Directors, assisted by 3 Committees, oversees EFQM's operations and ensure we maximise the added-value for our members (see Our Governance).

Your key contacts to help you further with your journey to excellence are :

If you wish to know more about us, here is who we are in alphabetical order:

EFQM Team - VincianeVinciane Beauduin

Senior Manager, Operations, Digital Services & Training

Nationality : Belgian
Role at EFQM : In charge of the EFQM Forum and the EFQM websites.
Vinciane joined EFQM in 1998. Since then, she has been responsible for various events and projects within the EFQM's portfolio.  Lately, she is project managing the EFQM Forum, as well as all EFQM digital services, which includes the EFQM websites, webshop, Intranet, the two EFQM mobile web apps, the EFQM etraining platform, the epublications ...  She likes exploring new web opportunities from which EFQM can benefit. Before, she worked for the importer of the Corona Extra beer in the EMEA region, first as logistics manager and later moving to the marketing function.  She is a passionate golfer and sport secretary at her golf homeclub in Belgium. 
vinciane.beauduin@efqm.org - Tel +32 2 775 3510

EFQM Team - EFQM Italia - ItaloItalo Benedini

EFQM Representative, EFQM Italy

Nationality: Italian
Role at EFQM: Head of the EFQM Representative Office in Italy. 
Italo was recently appointed for managing the representative office of the EFQM in Milan. Italo has gained extensive experience working in Italy in a large Telecomunication company, in which he was responsible for the Quality Function and began the first experience with the EFQM model from the 1st half of the '90s. After, he was responsible for nearly 10 years, until 2013, for the EFQM activities in the Italian Association for Quality Culture (AICQ). He has acquired more than 10 years the qualification of Assessor and Validator for EFQM Levels of Excellence, for which he acted as team leader in many assessments for the EFQM Italian Quality Award and R4E (Recognized for Excellence). He is also a qualified teacher for the main EFQM training courses. ​
italo.benedini@efqm.org - Tel +39 02 39257399

EFQM Team - PatriciaPatricia Bilteryst

Coordinator, HR & Office Management

Nationality : Belgian
Role at EFQM : Supports HR and Office Management.
Patricia joined EFQM 18 years ago; first working at the reception, then in the membership team and today she is the HR and office management coordinator. Throughout all these roles, she mostly enjoyed the contact with people, with her colleagues as well as with you, our members. In her spare time, she loves to see friends or she keeps fit at the fitness.
patricia.bilteryst@efqm.org - Tel +32 2 775 3556

EFQM Team - CécileCecile Collart

Manager, Marketing & Communication

Nationality : Belgian
Role at EFQM : Marketing, communication and market research.
Before joining EFQM in August 2013, Cécile was a student from the Université Libre de Bruxelles and a part-time worker for the knowledge office from GDF SUEZ. Specialised in Business Intelligence and Chinese practices, she has a deep interest for Asia, gems and languages. In her spare time Cécile enjoys travelling, shopping, photography & designing. 
cecile.collart@efqm.org - Tel +32 2 775 3514

EFQM Team - Christian​Dr. Christian Forstner

Director, Business Development

Nationality : German
Role at EFQM : Development of EFQM Services to support Members on their journey to Excellence.
As Nuclear Physicist with a PhD from ETH Zurich in 1986, Christian has worked 25 years for different Siemens organisations in many leadership positions. As Vice President Business Excellence, he successfully implemented EFQM in a large Siemens organisation of 16,000 people in 1997. On the basis of a part-time working contract with Siemens, he founded CFyouradvantage.com in 2000 before he left Siemens 12 years later. Self-employed, he has supported a diverse portfolio of organisations worldwide as Company Analyst, Business Excellence Consultant, Coach and Trainer on their way to Excellence. As EFQM Assessor Team Leader and Master Assessor, Christian has helped a large number of different organisations around the world to improve, for more than 20 years; his experience includes several Global Assessments of very large multi-national companies.
christian.forstner@efqm.org - Tel +32 2 775 3511

EFQM Team - AliciaAlicia Korzeniowska

Advisor, Membership & Intellectual Property

Nationality : Scottish & Polish
Role at EFQM : Publications, translations, and intellectual property.
Alicia joined EFQM in 2000 and in the past years she has been the engine behind the publications department. She is responsible for managing the translations of all EFQM Publications and Training materials, as well as dealing with IP issues related to publications. She is also Account manager for our Members in Eastern Europe. She speaks in English, French, Italian and Polish.
alicia.korzeniowska@efqm.org - Tel +32 2 775 3531

EFQM Team - PemaAng Pema Lama

Coordinator, Partner Relations

Nationality: Belgian
Role at EFQM : Coordinating EFQM representative offices in Asia and relation with partners from around the world
A Sinologist and a business graduate from KU Leuven, Pema joined EFQM in 2016 as a Business Analyst. She started with managing the GRC-related responsibilities at EFQM among other tasks and now she is responsible for EFQM partner relations. She speaks several languages, loves to read, travel and meet new people and culture along the journey. She has been to China, the US, the Middle East, Korea and India among other destinations and has aspirations to cover all of the continents in the future. Likes to run in her spare time.
pema.lama@efqm.org - Tel +32 2 775 3560

Maria Lopez

Coordinator, Operations, Training & Recognition

Nationality: Belgian & Ecuador 
Role at EFQM : Coordinating the Training in the EFQM Offices and the Levels of Recognition
Maria studied Literature and Linguistics at ULB, and she can fluently speak five languages. She is a volunteer translator at Courant de Vie, a publishing house for Christian literature since 2014. She also enjoys playing guitar, painting, and writing Magic realism poetry.
maria.lopez@efqm.org - Tel +32 2 775 3564

EFQM Team - EFQM Middle East Manager - Isra'a Mobideen​Isra'a Mobideen

Manager, EFQM Middle East

Nationality : Jordan
Role at EFQM : in charge of the EFQM Middle East office.
Isra'a recently joined the EFQM Middle East Representative Office in Dubai. She holds a Master’s Degree in Quality management from the University of Wollongong in Dubai and a bachelor degree in Agriculture from Mutah University in Jordan. She is an EFQM Award assessor, assessment team Leader with Dubai Quality Award and an EFQM Licensed trainer. She led various projects in quality management systems and the implementation of EFQM and Dubai Government Excellence Program models. Her aim as EFQM Middle East Representative is to collaborate with the excellence professionals in the region, government and private sector to help the various entities in the Middle East to improve their performance and services, come up with innovative and practical value adding solutions and eventually improve the quality of life.
israa.mobideen@efqm.org - Tel +971 4 3658170

EFQM Team - Partners Director - Gianluca

Gianluca Mulè

Director, Partners & Representative Offices

Nationality : Italian
Role at EFQM : Gianluca Mulè is currently holding the position of Senior Manager in EFQM, with responsibilities over national partners and supervision of the EFQM Representative Offices (Italy & UAE).
Gianluca joined EFQM in 2006. He has managed the training department and had initially worked with EFQM as analyst to develop cases and to link teaching inputs to best practice. Gianluca began his career as a process engineer in the oil & gas sector with Technip Italy. He subsequently completed his background with training in the field of quality management and has gained experience of process and service sectors through roles in the quality departments of API, a refinery company in Italy, and Trenitalia, the main Italian railway operator. Gianluca is a graduate in Chemical Engineering from the university of Rome "La Sapienza".
gianluca.mule@efqm.org - Tel +32 2 775 3537

EFQM Team - KimKim Naesen


Nationality : Belgian
Role at EFQM : Accounting and CRM.
Kim joined EFQM at the end of 2008. Together with her colleagues in the Accounting department, she looks after EFQM's finances. In her spare time, she and her dog are a member of a Search and Rescue team.
kim.naesen@efqm.org - Tel +32 2 775 3521

EFQM Team - CFO - GeertDr. Geert Opdenbosch

Chief Financial Officer, HR Director

Nationality : Belgian
Role at EFQM : Leading the corporate services.
Geert Opdenbosch joined EFQM in 1999 to assume the function of Chief Financial Officer. This includes an efficient management of the corporate services within the framework of applicable professional standards, laws, regulations and internal policies. Geert began his career as an advisor in business insights for the Chamber of Commerce. Subsequently, he joined the management consulting firm KPMG, one of the "Big Four" global professional firms providing Audit, Tax and Legal, Advisory and Accounting services; where he became Audit Manager with responsibility over audit consulting in a variety of sectors. Geert's most recent appointment, before joining EFQM, was as Financial and Internal Controller for Athlon, a publicly traded multinational, delivering tailored fleet solutions. Passionate about finance, Geert is also a faculty member at a Brussels based college of higher education. Geert holds a degree of Doctor of Business Administration; as well as Masters degrees of Science in Taxation, Accountancy, and Business Administration.
geert.opdenbosch@efqm.org - Tel +32 2 775 3511

EFQM Team - SamuliSamuli Pruikkonen

Senior Manager, Assessment & Recognition

Nationality : Finnish
Role at EFQM : In charge of the EFQM Levels of Excellence and the EFQM Award Assessors
Samuli joined EFQM in 2001 and worked until beginning of 2013 in the Awards & Recognition department. From January 2013 onwards he has been managing the EFQM membership with key responsibilities around member recruitment and engagement. In his free time Samuli enjoys road cycling, listening & playing music and travelling.
samuli.pruikkonen@efqm.org - Tel +32 2 775 3519

EFQM Team - EFQM CEO - Léon Tossaint​Léon Tossaint

Chief Executive Officer

Nationality : Dutch
Role at EFQM : Manages the Foundation
Léon started his professional career at Philips in 1971 and worked as Vice President Quality Management & Business Excellence, responsible for the global implementation of Business Excellence between 1995 and 2006. He has supported EFQM from the start in 1989 onwards and was involved in the development of the EFQM Excellence Model and the first Award Assessor training. He has acted as lead assessor in many EFQM Award and Recognition assessments over the last 25 years. In 2015, Léon has been appointed at EFQM first as Change Officer and since November as the CEO.
leon.tossaint@efqm.org - Tel + 32 2 775 3511 

EFQM Team - KurtKurt Vandormael

Senior Accountant and ICT Manager

Nationality : Belgian
Role at EFQM : Finance and IT.
Kurt joined EFQM in 2006 and since then he has been working in the accounting dept. Responsible for the bank accounts and payments of our suppliers. Monthly reporting to CFO and since 2009 he inherited the ICT responsibilities. In his free time he is interested in distillates and brewing's. Mainly Single Malt Whisky's and Belgian Strong Pale Ale's and Belgian IPA's. But also in running, to keep the balance between a Burgundy lifestyle and healthiness. Music festivals during summer and a poker night in winter to keep in touch with friends.
kurt.vandormael@efqm.org - Tel +32 2 775 3561

EFQM Team - ReginaRegina Zawisza

Programme Manager, Member Relations

Nationality : Polish
Role at EFQM : Member Relations, facilitation of recruitment & engagement activities.
Regina joined EFQM in January 2013. She is running the operational side of the EFQM membership through execution of the main membership processes related to membership life cycle. She is also responsible for organising the initiatives around recruitment and engagement of EFQM members. Regina gained her first experience in member-based organisation while working for Belgian Business Chamber in Warsaw. She holds a Master’s degree in Clinical Psychology from the Warsaw University of Social Sciences and Humanities (SWPS).  
regina.zawisza@efqm.org - Tel +32 2 775 3520

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