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We are committed to helping our members to drive performance improvement through the use of EFQM Excellence Model. By working with our members, academia and our partners, we can identify good practices, emerging trends and innovative ways of working that can benefit the wider community.

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Our real talent comes from gathering good practice and sharing them through our network.

We aim at sharing what works, through good practice visits, case studies, webinars and events. Sharing our members' enthusiasm, their motivation and the results they achieve; that is what we work for.

EFQM is the place where we can think about the future. After all, Excellence is dynamic concept, we all have to learn. (EFQM is a place for learning.)
Vittorio Cesarotti - Professor - University of Rome - Italy

About 500 organisations from a wide range of sectors, countries worldwide, large, medium or small size, public or private, currently belong to the EFQM network. When an organisation becomes an EFQM Member, every employee gain access to good practices, benchmarking data, user guides, assessment tools through the Knowledge Base, as well as a network of peers who share a common goal; the pursuit of Excellence.  

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Our "Start Simple" package makes sure that first step is in the right direction. It's designed to support you through the first 12 months of your journey.

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