Any business, governmental and other public sector organisation can apply to join our community. Membership can be taken either for a corporate headquarter on behalf of the entire organisation, or for a unit thereof (business unit, subsidiary, division, ..).

Annual Membership fees

The annual membership fee ranges from 1400 Euro to 11550 Euro depending on the member's activity. The reference activity is the annual turnover for business enterprises, the expense budget for governmental and public sector organisations, or the total assets for financial institutions for the scope of the membership.

We wish to work with future business leaders in order to fulfill EFQM's mission and create a sustainable future for Excellence. Thus, we established a special category for educational institutions (such as universities and schools). These organisations benefit from a low annual subscription fee of 1,150 Euro regardless of their size.

Invoicing and Renewal

The EFQM Membership starts the 1 of the month following the application date.  The membership is valid for a period of 12 months.  At the end of this period, the affiliation is automatically renewed.  A message, including the proforma invoice, is automatically sent 3 months before the renewal date.

Cancellation policy

If your organisation wants to cancel its affiliation, a written notice from the highest ranking executive has to be sent to the CEO of EFQM explaining why you wish to cancel, no less than two months before the renewal date.  In the view of continuously improving the services to our members, you will then be requested to answer our cancellation survey, as a mean to understand in more depth the reasons of this cancellation.

For more information or should you have any questions, feel free to contact us at

Start using the Model

Our "Start Simple" package makes sure that first step is in the right direction. It's designed to support you through the first 12 months of your journey.

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